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Competence, professionalism, readiness and politeness are the main features of the whole Officine Meccaniche Longo staff. Numerous activities well outlined in various fields, provided with specific equipments are coordinated by a core represented by the Longo family: Rocco, Vincenzo and Andrea.

As a cleverly designed and tested engine the Officine Meccaniche Longo staff, consisting of 15 professional technicians, is composed of a generic or basic team and of three specific ones.
The first team, the basic one, performs all tasks related to admittance as well tasks which do not require the specialist's intervention.

More specific missions are the task of the automatic and mechanical gears team (head Andrea Longo), the hydroguides, master cylinders and motor overhauling team (heads Rocco and Vincenzo Longo) and the diagnostic and electronic team (heads Vincenzo and Andrea Longo).

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Two expert mechanicians and a mechanical engeneer within the staff assure high quality and regularity to all the production process. In fact, the company is certified as ISO 9002.

Technical updating of the whole group is guaranteed by the regular participation of at least one member of the staff to the various refresher courses.

This attitude allows the Officine Meccaniche Longo to introduce in real-time all periodical innovations suggested by firms during overhauling. Therefore, all interventions are highly specialised and qualified to guarantee certain, safe and corresponding results.


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